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Mallorca | Majorca

'A sky like turquoise, a sea like lapis lazuli, mountains like emerald, air like heaven.'

Frederic Chopin.

The dreamy island that provided inspiration to Chopin and Miró. Mallorca | Majorca derives from the Latin 'insula maior' and is also known as the 'Island of the Calm'. It has a total area of 3.620 square kilometres and 623 kilometres of coast.

The island’s highest peak is Puig Major (1.445 metres). The island has three magnificent bays: the bay of Pollença, which is protected by Cabo Formentor and Cabo Pinar; the bay of Alcúdia, which is bounded by Cabo Menorca and Cabo Farrutx; and the bay of Palma, which is defined by Cabo Blanc and Cala Figuera.

Located just east of the Spanish mainland, Mallorca | Majorca has beautiful landscapes, dramatic peaks, and a number of caves with subterranean lakes. Due to its fortunate Mediterranean location it has a gorgeous climate and weather, nearly every day warm and also sunny.

Mallorca | Majorca has a robust and well-organised infrastructure, capable to deal with any and all requirements. With a climate that can rival any other country in the world, and the existing infrastructure that can handle all groups and events, Mallorca | Majorca could be the perfect venue for your holidays.


Mallorca offers a host of sightseeing opportunities, and there really is something for all tastes: fabulous sandy beaches with clear blue sea, charming villages, majestic mountain ranges and many historical and natural sites.


Mallorca is the ideal place for watersports: warm climate, favourable winds, pleasant water temperatures, numerous watersport centres, nautical clubs and marinas along with first class infrastructure and a coastline of great variety.


Palma is a café and shopping paradise. The weather is perfect, warm with cool Mediterranean breezes during the day and cool night. Both you and your wallet get very relaxed.

WEATHER | Mallorca

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